Sand Master™ Light Weight End Dump Trailer

The Sand Master™ lightweight end dump trailer is perfectly equipped to handle your sand and small aggregate needs. Most competitors’ trailers of this design require a liner in the bottom of the tub. This is not so with our lightweight end dump! Because the floor, nose and gate are made from AR 450 wear plate […]

Rock Master™ Half Round Trailer

The Rock Master™ half round end dump trailer is one of the most versatile trailers we manufacture. The half round can haul a variety of materials including dirt, gravel and rip rap. When equipped with a quarter frame and spreader apron, the half round is also an excellent dump trailer for hauling asphalt. Because our […]

Scrap Master™ Elliptical End Dump Trailer

If you’re looking for a trailer with a high capacity that can handle the toughest jobs, the Scrap Master™ elliptical end dump trailer is the trailer you’re looking for! Not only is our Scrap Master™ elliptical trailer perfectly suited for scrap metal, but it can also handle construction material, rip rap and large boulders. The […]