Pack Mule™ Stick-Built Bottom Dump Trailer

Released in 2015, our stick-built bottom dump offers our customers an extra durable option for their road building needs. Constructed with 10 GA. AR 450 in the upper and lower hopper, the stick-built belly dump can handle even your toughest requirements. Even when removing the corrugation on the front and rear sides, the stick-built bottom […]

Pack Mule™ Cross Gate Bottom Dump Trailer

Our cross gate belly dump provides a unique configuration compared to our standard bottom dump. Instead of the lower hopper running the length of the trailer, it runs perpendicular to the upper hopper. This allows for a wider path during the dumping process. This particular style is popular with municipalities. The cross gate bottom dump […]

Pack Mule™ Bottom Dump Trailer

The Pack Mule bottom dump trailer is the industry leader in the belly dump market. Over many months of engineering and testing, we have been able to make significant changes to our bottom dump that combines the strength of our standard belly dump with the efficiency of the lightweight option. By replacing our steel with […]